emclient won't run after hard drive crash

My data drive, D, crashed last night, the boot drive, C,  is working.  The emclient data file was on the D drive.  I have restored the emclient data files to my desktop from off site storage but can’t get emclient to run.  When I open it, emclient can’t find the data files and  then looks for the default directory which is also pointed to the D drive so it just quits. Any help would be appreciated. 

This seems to be a problem when the drive is no longer available.

In Windows open the registry editor and go to  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eM Client

Delete the dblocation entry and restart eM Client.

Thank you.  That allowed me to get emclient open but did not restore my email files.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage, make sure that it is pointing to the location where you copied the directory from your off site storage, then restart eM Client.

But there may also be a possibility that the off site copy is useless. If the copy was made with a service like Carbonite while eM Client was running, the files will be empty.

Thank you Gary.

I now directed it to a restored copy of my emclient created back up.  The first time I did not let it connect to my online gmail account and that did not restore my email files.  This second time I let it connect to gmail and it has been 'synchronizing subfolders for 4 hours.  And that’s only one email account!!  This does not look like it’s going to work.

I am going to restore the entire emclient directory from Crash Plan and try redirecting it to the newly restored directory.  Any suggestions on how to properly do that?

Gary, I got it to work by just redirecting the downloaded emclient folder in tools/settings/storage/ the downloaded directory.   Many thanks for your help in this matter!!