emclient wont open at times and also has smtp error regularly

2 problems

Problem #1
emclient opens fine grabs email but after opening a few times it will no longer open. The only way to get it to reopen is to restart the computer at which time it says it was not closed properly and goes through a corrupt database check fine than opens. It does this daily.

Problem #2
My email setup fine and works fine but after the initial opening it’ll present with an email error after a few minutes. I’ve used the instructed settings for my ISP which it says it works but still continue to get the error. I have it do the automatic and it changes the smtp and says it has been fixed but it doesn’t work at all so I go back to the ISP recommended settings and it’ll work but continue to get the error box and at times won’t send email.

I have a windows 7 64 bit w/ Kaspersky which manages the firewall

The same problem #1 here with me. When I finish the emclient, the process MailClient.exe is still working. A restart of emclient requires in advance to stop this process.

Problem #2 occures here also sometimes with my IMAP-Accounts.

WIN 7 32 bit.

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing? What mail service are you using and what version of eM client are you currently using (Help > About)?
Are you seeing a report window during the use of the application, that would suggest the application crashed? If so, can you click on the “Show error” button in the report window and send me the error.

Thank you,

I am using Comcast IMAP account and version 6.0.20154.0. I’ll work on the screen shot, actually I’ll try and get video

Problem #2 Video

Problem #2 Video exactly the same here

Problem #1 Video

Hi again,
to problem #1 , when this occurs can you please go to the Task Manager on your computer and check if MailClient.exe isn’t already running?
if it is and you’re unable to open the application please download this tool (http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe) and run it while the application is in the task manager and is unable to load up.

to problem #2 , these errors are usually caused by some minor connectivity issues, and if your account is still able to download/receive emails it’s nothing to worry about, although I understand it might be a bit too annoying, we’ve made some changes for future releases that might solve this issue and these errors should not occur that often after a new update is released.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul, I’ll try that fix. It can download but it gets annoying when the email wont send. I look forward to an update.

I ran it, didn’t open up. I hit “End Process” of Mailclient.exe*32 and tried again and it started. Of course it goes through the checking for corrupted database routine.

Hello and good morning Paul and Joris. The next days I am in a short holidays in the Alps for hiking :slight_smile: Therefore I am not able to test your solutions.  And next week the free test-period will expire and I have to decide to stay with emclient or to return to Outlook again. But I think I will buy a license. The problem #2 for me is not so fatal, and the problem #1 did here not occur the last days after changing of 1 setting.

What have I done in the settings (sorry for my bad English, I am German and I am using the german version of emclient)? I cannot reproduce it, because it was a try and error changing and I will not touch anything in the settings in the moment.

The problem #1 occurred here in following situation: On the left side of the mail-window, besides the names ofe my IMAP-accounts, was a rotating arrow signalizing a sync-procedure. In the popup “Sync-procedures” (via Extras) no progress was visible. New emails did not arrive in emclient. This status was for hours.See following image:

When I now closed the program, the process “Mailclient.exe” was still running and had to be fired off via the task-manager, before I could start emclient again (or a complete restart of the system). Then the corrupt database check was running.

I have done following change in the settings: In the account-settings, IMAP-Settings I changed from “use login-data of this account” to “Use following login-data” (sorry, retranslated from German to English) with of course the same login-data. See arrow in following image:

Pressing “Ok” the program freezes and has to be fired off via task-manager (the application there was remarked as “running”).

Restart of emclient after this changing, problem #1 did not appear since the last days.

Hope it helps.

Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using? Can you try downloading this update (http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.20480/setup.msi), we had an issue reported where eM client was stuck on synchronizing some folders, but it should be fixed now, let me know if it helped.

Thank you,

I don’t understand… what didn’t open? Were you able to run the stack dump tool that I’ve sent you? It’s not an update it’s a tool that will generate a dump file, it should show you the location, where the dump was saved to. If it does create the dump, please send it to mcgregor@emclient.com , so we can get more information about why is this issue occurring.

Thank you,

ran it and keep getting a network error, can not read from temporary files folder on my computer where the setup.msi is run from

after a few hours emclient asked to do an update after previous one failed (or something of that nature happened said my wife). The update took.

Hi, I’m not completely sure if you were able to update or not, anyways if you’re seeing an error that eM Client can not access the temporary files folder, you have to navigate to the folder and change the folder permissions.

Thank you,