EmClient window occasionally showing graphical bug???

Not sure if anyone else is having similar issue…

Noticed that on fresh install of version 6.0.21372.0 (was also happening on earlier versions), occasionally when you hover over certain areas of the EmClient main window, the underlying window (of another software) starts showing up in small areas and you can no longer see the EmClient buttons in that area until you minimize and re-maximize (or exit and restart)??

You can see for instance in my uploaded JPEG (SEE BELOW), in the upper left corner, there is an area that shows the Chrome browser window underneath with my 3 open tabs, as well as the Chrome buttons for Back, Reload and Home!! And in the upper right corner, there are 3 Chrome icons showing which are the Chrome extensions and the Chrome settings button.

This seems to happen regardless of what the underlying window is, and can even happen with no other software running (so portions of the desktop would show up instead).

Any ideas anyone??

Kamy :slight_smile:

Hi Kamy, I see you’re using Windows XP on your computer, please note this operating system is not officially supported by Microsoft since April 2014, and can show a number of bugs that can’t be resolved due to outdated system components such as the latest .NET framework that eM Client is built on.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks Paul for your response, but the same behaviour is also happening on the work computer which uses Windows 7 however…

Does this mean I simply need to download and install the latest .NET framework then? Which version exactly does EmClient need to run properly?

Thanks again,
Kamy :slight_smile:

Hi Kamy, I’m afraid the latest version won’t be available for your Windows XP computer ,however the current release of .NET that we’re using is 4.5.2, try to update your .NET framework to this release but check what version of .NET you’re currently using on your Windows 7 computer.

Can you make a screenshot of the issue on your windows 7 computer as well? Also please make sure to update all graphic components such as video drivers on your computer etc.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, sorry for the LONG delay!!

I updated to .NET 4.5.2 as suggested on the Win7 computer, and the bug is still present (I’ve tested this on more than one Win7 computer for verification).

Here’s the screenshot you asked (see red arrows).

Kamy :slight_smile:

Hello again, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue using my instances of eM Client, thank you for reporting this as few users have already reported the issue before we will be reviewing the problem and hopefully resolve the problem in upcoming releases, however I’m afraid this may be due to a missing system component or a system bug.

Thanks Paul

Just to help you guys out, I thought the same thing (missing system components) so I did a fresh install of Windows, did all the necessary updates, then reinstalled emclient, but it was still producing the same bug.

Hope that helps a bit.

Good luck! :slight_smile: