eMClient will no longer syncronize

Been using eMClient for a few years now (premium version). This morning, none of my gmail accounts will syncronize. The hour glasses just keep spinning and spinning. Nothing wrong with the accounts, as I can access them through both Thunderbird and any browser. However, eMClient won’t connect anymore. Did something change over the weekend?

Experiencing the same exact thing =(

And me :frowning:

I am as well. Emails eventually syncing in but taking forever. 

Synchronization seems to very slow or broken when using the SMTP connection. Accessing gmail via the web browser works fine.

Agreed, Loren.  And that’s all well and good, however I rely heavily on emClient as a paid user.

My gmail shows up in the list, but none will open.  

same here!

same here

At the rate it is taking to access my gmail through EM Client, t I will be able to get to all my emails next week.

May as well revert back to USPS =)

Mine is now working fine.

Mine appears back to normal as well.


Hi, I believe this was due to a server downtime that occurred in the past hours, please make sure to check your service status in case of a similar issue.
You can check the full details of the issue here on Google’s website: http://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=issue&sid=1&iid=b3bbd35b24ab6614b89bf98e79cb54f… 

In case of a similar issue, make sure to check out the service status, here.