EmClient v8 - progress bar

Hi All,

Is there a way to get the status bar back in the lower left cornet so I can see at a glance that a send/receive is occurring. I know I can turn on the option to show a box when it happens but the lottle status bar at teh bottom was really handy.


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Totally agree… I sent that in during the Beta testing and received a reply that led me to believe it would not be changed.

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Yea, also agree.

They moved the indicator to the wheel in the Refresh button, and it is not so obvious now. Looks like a major design change that will not be altered.

I agree too, the spinning wheel as almost invisible.
The status bar would be of more impact and comfortable to be seen.
I vote for Pauls23’s idea

Oh no. That’s a shame. Ah well… Back to v7 I guess is the only option if I decide I can’t live without it. I will reflect over the next few days and decide if the new features outweigh it.


I also would like to have the option to choose where the segments (Mail, Calendar, Contacts) sit on the left side. I like the v7 layout of stacked vertically and don’t like the V8 all at the bottom. I have to make a more pronounced movement right to the bottom of the window to select calendar if I’m in mail whereas in v7 its just a few inches and much clearer and more intuitive (in my humble opinion). This could so easily be made an option in the settings alongside the option to allow the progress box. That would then please everyone and be such a small and simple modification.

V7 - Good
V8 - Meh

Under the hood - this “might” be the only reason to stick with V8. The old calendar refresh “issue” with gmail - has this been fixed (where it is tardy at updating with new data unless one presses “refresh”. If not then I can’t really see any improvements for me personally) - I just tested this and it’s exactly the same so I’ve now gone back to Version 7. Sorry “developers at emClient” but I just don’t like most of the changes you have made. Nothing personal and it’s probably just me but I prefer V7 in nearly every way. I’ll keep using v7 until a killer new feature/bug fix is made only in V8 and/or V7 is no longer supported/I am forced to V8. Such a shame. Missed opportunities and all that.

Having said all of that - I would not be without EmClient in one form or another. It blows Thunderbird and Outlook 2019 out of the water in most respects. I just prefer V7.

I would like to add that eM Client is just so pretty. That alone tips me in it’s direction. :wink: