eMclient V7 upgrade from V6 - Loss of Pro License

I have a Po license of V6.  On upgrading to V7 beta, the license has become demo.  How can I return to V6 and restore my pro license.  It is important as I have more than 2 accounts to manage

Did you enter your Pro license in the v7 beta?

Yes, I did that.  It accepted the pro license.  I am now anticipating a problem.  My pro license is valid for V6.  what would happen when V7 is released. I will need to downgrade to V6 by uninstalling V7 and reinstalling V6, How do I save all the account info, account specific signatures and the other setting changes?

My original problem has morphed into a different problem now?

You can export all the v7 settings from the main menu, File–>ExportExport settings to an xml file

I suspect you will have to pay an upgrade fee for the v7 when it is released depending upon when you obtained your current v6 license. In other words, if you purchased a license a month ago and a new major version is released one generally gets a deeper discount on an upgrade license.

Thanks.  That saves me the trouble of recreating ab-initio