EMClient V7 Beta 1 - License expire, no update

Excuse my french but this was effing stupid! Out of the blue the V7 B1 client suddenly expired. When I clicked on update there were no updates available. I received no notification that V7 B2 was released 2 weeks ago. Now Im downloading the update. Totally stupid. Very unprofessional. Very poorly managed. Extremely poorly executed Beta update path. Why didn’t the “Find Update” button work? Just dumb.

Same here.  I sent an Urgent help request as this is my business email and I need to keep current daily.  To their credit, I got a response within 2 hours via email with a link to download the update.  I wish I had stuck with Version 6 instead of the Beta 7 - it has been a headache and I do not like the interface. 


We apologize for any inconvenience. We sent out a notification inside eM Client, but that did unfortunately did not each all Beta 1 users. We also sent out a notification to all registered forums users via the announcement, in case your forum notification mails were opted out of however, you might have not received that message. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.