EMClient V7 (7.0.26787.0) "Categorize button" hangs EMClient when pressed on the Toolbar

If you customize the top toolbar in EMClient V7 and put the “Categorize” button up there, EMClient hangs for aprox 5 secs when pressed before it does anything ?. So yes it does work, but its very delayed. Any other button put up there seems fine. Just the Categorize button is a problem. Replicated this problem on 2 computers running Windows 10 Latest official build 1607.

Where did you get this version: 7.0.26787.0?
I have 7.0.26746.0

I got it via an EmClient forum link to fix the Standard width Scrollbar problem for Classic and Standard themes. http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.267…

Thank you, I’m going out for a spin.