Emclient system backups

Emclient has the nice feature to do automated backups, but IMHO inside settings ,where you setup backups it could have some sentence explaining WHAT it backs up. All emails, settings, etc. to be clearer in interface.

Also, Id add a checkbox to let a person backup just settings. Most of us use IMAP and already have backups on server side, so no need to backup emails which makes backups much larger. Just backup settings, account settings, maybe autofill data, etc.


Hello, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding a small disclaimer to the application settings, however eM Client’s application database backup, backs up your whole database folder so on restore you should be able to use the exact same content and settings as before the backup.

You can also backup your settings only using the export feature rather than an application backup in File > Export > Export Settings to .XML file, where you can choose to export account settings and password or even Rules for your accounts.

Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks.

Still, I think an automated backup of just settings would be nice, as its not needed to backup all emails for IMAP accounts and have a huge backup.

But at least some disclaimer inside automated backups, a brief sentance explaining that it backups up all settings + emails, would be nice, as you said…


I’m not completely sure where you see the advantage of an automated settings backup, since the account settings do not usually change, you only need this file to move your settings to another computer. I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but help me understand…

Ok, no problem. Just a disclaimer will be fine then. Is there a way to automate the backup of autofill entries?

Hello again, what are you referring to as autofill entries? Do you mean auto-complete? It is unfortunately not possible to auto backup your automatically filled in recipients, but you can use the import feature to import the cached recipients to your contacts folder, to do so just navigate to Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Show recipients, select the recipients, right click the selection and select “Save to contacts folder…”

Hope this helps.