eMClient syncs only INBOX folder with IMAP? What if filtering on server side with subfolders...

I missed some emails because of filtering on server side. I have filters on server which move emails into proper folders, those emails don’t eppears in INBOX. My question is: emClient checks/sync all folders/subfolders or only inbox?
If only inbox then how can i set to check other folders?
If eMClient uses push/idle imap method? can i set ‘push’ for some folders?
I am planning buying eMClient (i bought postbox but it sucks and is slow and heavy:( ) but i have to be sure that i will not miss any emails after filtering mail on server side…
For now in eM Client there is no popup notification nor anything in ‘unread’ smart folder :frowning: only three dots somewhere deep in folder tree which is of course colapsed and i cannot see anything:(

I am sorry but it is not possible to constantly synchronize subfolders at the moment but we plan to change it in the future so you will be able to choose few folders having permanently opened connections.

Hmmm… i think that,… if emclient somehow know that in any subfolder there are some new messages (i saw three dots suggesting this , next to the subfolder name in tree) then why emclient doesnt read how many new emails arrived and put that into ‘unread’ smart folder? I am using on my mobile great email client in which i can set to any imap folder a ‘push/idle’ property.
Ok, and if it is not possible to push new mails to emclient from any subfolder then emclient will sync all subfolders on some interval and give me info about unread emails which are deep in my subfolder tree? I have to click on every subfolder to realize that i have a new mail?

Hmmm… i like the speed of emclient, fast search, auto archive, but if i will not know about new emails… i just got answer for my question on this forum and had email, but i didnt saw it:( i have 4 accounts and 5 aliases on one, one of them is alias for forum, i have filters on server side and to keep all up-to-date i am using imap. now i am working on netbook and nothing happened, no notification about new email. I get known about new email from mobile email client! :slight_smile: i looked into folder tree in emclient and saw that it is three dots next to the some folder, it was that new email… i’d like emclient to work as it should, i think! :slight_smile:
Now i think that i did right thing not buying emclient as i wanted first. Postbox (i bought) is slow but i got all as i wanted. emclient is fast and more and more stable but lacks some functionality…

hey there, i’d like to add to this if I may.

I see that eM Client sees that there are new messages that are in a sub-folder.
a screen shot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9…

there is an ellipse, so I click on that sub-folder to get the new mail.
screen shot:

so it knows there are new items to sync, it just doesn’t sync and update the unread folder.

I was excited to see the smart folder unread item, it would be great to have an area to select which folders in an IMAP account will receive new emails and then sync those on send/recv action (aka update the folders) that way eM Client doesn’t have to do all folders. Just the ones specified by the user.

Just an idea, I really do like this client very much, I just HAVE to be notified when there is a new email. windows live mail 2012 does this wonderfully, just lacks other functionality. You’re so close!! :slight_smile:

Actually this is already in our todo list and it is planned for one of the future updates. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any exact time frame …


Hello Mr. Wilson,

I am circling back on a configuration per IMAP account  of folders to check for new items. Has there been any progress towards this feature in the 2 years since we spoke about it last?

I’m using Thunderbird Beta currently; have been since this thread convo. I just really prefer your esthetic, however.


Now 4 years later, I am facing the same problem. Imap idle is only working for inbox.
That about sub folders? Any news?

Thunderbird is not supporting this either; this is the reason why I am trying em client at the moment but it seems to has the same problem with subfolders. K9 Mail on android is able to handle imap idle for subfolders. Please provide us with the status of this implementation?

What does work is the unread Smart folder, it shows me new mail in folders filled with server side rules on both outlook.com and Gmail

No working with Posteo and Imap

well that is a big problem. I was trying out em client today to replace outlook 2010, and was really enjoying the software…but…if it cant synch to sub folders within inbox then its not going to work for me

Surely everyone files email from their inbox into sub folders?
It must be easy to implement if its already available in outlook?

J’essaie EM Client depuis quelques jours. Il me parait bien, mais a un gros défaut… je n’arrive à afficher en permanence les dossiers Boîte d’envoi, Envoyés, Brouillons, Spam etc dans ma messagerie SFR.FR alors qu’ils sont tous affichés dans Dossiers locaux. Seule la Boîte de réception s’affiche en permanence.
Merci pour votre aide.

Rene, are you using IMAP or POP3?