emclient stopped working

can’t fix itself

Hello Lynda, sorry to see this but unfortunately we need a little bit more information about the application’s behaviour? What exactly are you having issues with? What mail service are you using with eM Client? Are you seeing any errors thrown by the application? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer - can you please check in Help > About?

Can you describe the applications behaviour more closely?

Thank you,

Some days ago, my computer stalled; and to get it going again, I had to unplug it and remove the battery.  When I plugged it back in, I received a message that eM Client had not been closed correctly and several checks needed to be performed.  That was followed by a box that said “checking for corrupted database  mail_data.dat  Checking for inconsistent data”  That was followed by a box saying that the database verification and repairing had failed and asking me to contact the support team by writing a message in the box provided.  I did so.  In fact, I have done so four times over several days.

Currently, when I try to open my email, I still get the box about checking for corrupted date–now the data is described as “mail_fti.dat”–and checking for inconsistent data.  The corrupted data checking now shows a green check mark and the inconsistent data checking says “failed”.  When I leave that box and try to open my email, I get looped back to the error box, “an error has occurred in the application that prevents it from continuing. the application will terminate” and again the box appears to provide a description of what happened.

My regular eM Client email will not send or receive nor can I get into any of the files.  Clearly, we are in some kind of a loop that is not repairing itself.

I am running Windows 7 Pro and I have version 6.0.22344.0 of eM Client.

Thank  you so much for your help.


Paul–Do you have any way to help and make the software work again?  Thank you.

Hello Lynda, unfortunately it seems like your database is corrupt and can not be loaded by the application, please try to download and run this utility, http://www.emclient.com/tools/dbrepairrebuildall.exe and check if the utility is able to restore your database data, but unfortunately due to the computer crash, it may no longer be possible.

If the database repair tool finishes off with the same error, you might be forced to create a new database for the application. To create a new database navigate to your local user/AppData/Roaming folder and rename or remove the application’s database folder.

Next startup of the application will allow you to setup your account again and download the available data from your email server.


My emclient suddenly stopped working. No reason. It just kept the wait signal circling for about 2min then had a red triangle by the side of my account name.
So I added another account - exactly the same as my old email address.
Open emclient - click Menu (top L) - Tools - click Accounts.
Click + (bottom L) on dialogue box.
Type in email address, click Start now & follow instructions.
If this works, go to menu again, click Accounts and delete first non-working account. Easy!