emClient stopped sending and receiving this afternoon

emClient V7.0.27943.0 was working fine. It popped up a window asking if I wanted to delete some old folders (something about a recent upgrade) to clear up space. Right around the same time it was no longer able to send/receive.
I deleted my account and created a new one (fortunately I backed up the folders). Now I see nothing - no folders, no emails…
Any help appreciated

Update - I rebooted my Windows 10 system started emClient and again saw nothing.
About an hour later I walked back and looked at the screen and it listed all of my folders and old emails (perhaps it took a while to sync with the mail server?).
I am now receiving emails.
When I send, I see 2 copies of the mail in the Sent folder, but it looks like the recipient is only getting a single copy.

So it looks like the disaster has been avoided.