eMClient shuts down several times a day.

After I updated to eMClient 6.0.20320.0  (Windows 7) the program shuts down several times a day  (“eMC has ceased to operate” Norwegian). When I prompt eMC back on line, it runs a selftest (eMC database control) and works normally. Until next failure…

Hi John, when the application crashed, do you see an error report window with “Show error” button?
If so can you please click on that button and copy the content of the error (it’s quite long) and post it here?

Thank you,

No error report window shows up. Instead a window with the following translated from Norwegian:
 “A problem caused the program to cease proper functioning. The program will be closed,  and you will be notified if a solution is available”.  In the window a button - “close program”. 
The program does not shut down by it self, I have to hit the mentioned button. Then re-engage eMC,
 which run its datbasecontrol and is back on line.



Hi again, can you please make a screenshot of the error?

Thank you,