EmClient shows images as attachments instead displaying them in the message body

For most inbound messages (but not for all) the images displays as empty rectangles in body but they present as attachments, and I can open any of them.
I’m using 7.0.24859.1

The “display unsafe content for all messages” option is checked in setting.
I’ve tried to reset IE settings and clear IE personal data.

Hello Nikolay,
do you perhaps have the option to view all messages as Plain text enabled?
Check this setting in Tools>Settings>Mail>Read and uncheck the option ‘Read all messages in plain text’.


Hello, Olivia.
No, it’s not checked. I’ve already tried to enable and disable this option.
And as I said in some messages they displays

Hello Nikolay,
I consulted this problem with our team and it is already a known issue.
We’re working on a fix, thank you for your feedback.


Ok, thanks. Will wait for fix.

Hi. I’ve updated EmClient to 7 beta 2 today and the problem still present. Is it expected?

Hello Nikolay,
I cannot replicate your problem, could you please send me one of the messages where you experience this problem as EML file?
Please send it to [email protected] with a link to this forum topic in the body of the email and we’ll try to analyze the problem further.


Hello, Olivia. I’ve sent you an example

Hi, Olivia. Are there any news about my issue?
By the way - it seems that it reproduces for emails sent from ms outlook.

Hello Nikolay,
unfortunately I have not yet been able to replicate your issue.
Can you try sending me a message that would generate this problem directly?
Can you test if opening the EML file you provided me with before still does not display any images when you open it?


Hi. Yes, looks like it reproduces only when opening message sent from outlook directly in the main em client window. So I sent you the test message to your email.

Hello, Olivia. Any updates?

Hi. Can I expect this issue to be resolved in future releases or this is my local problem and it can’t be solved on EM Client side

+1. I have the exact same issue.

It definitely seems to be only an issue if the sender is using the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. There are no issues receiving from Postbox or webmail. This is annoying rather than a deal breaker, but it would be good if it could be fixed.

Any chance of a response to this…or do we just have to accept it as a known bug that will never be fixed?

I also have this problem, and it is non-trivial as it makes searching for emails with attachments highly problematic.

Have updated to RC - still facing this problem

emClient, are you going to respond to this? You have not commented for a long time - don’t you think you should update us on the issue?

I’ve deleted an email account (not from the server of course - from eM Client settings: Menu->tools->accounts) and then configured it from scratch and it looks llike the problem is gone.
Thanks to Juraj Micek