Emclient showing notifications for colleague's calendars

Hi, have seen some unresolved mentions of this issue in the past. I’m using version 9 of emclient desktop. Have added colleague’s calendars (we are on Microsoft Exchange) so that I can see their calendars and know when they are free for meetings.

However I get notifications for some of their events (totally unrelated to me). This is extremely annoying and appears to be some kind of bug?

Further, I can dismiss the notification 10 times in a row and it just keeps instantly reappearing.

Please help urgently!


Go the the Calendar section of eM Client.

For a calendar you do not want to see notifications, right-click on the folder and choose Properties. Untick the option to Show Reminders.

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Gary, thanks so much, can’t believe I missed that!! That was what I expected to see but somehow it illuded me! Thanks again!