eMClient seems to incorrectly decode URL's in email

Hi eMClient community,

I ran in a little issue with the eM client with regards how it decodes the URL’s.

Suppose I am registered on some fictional service My.app and my email is [email protected]. If I want to reset the password, I will get an email with following password reset link:

<a href="https://my.app/reset-password?email=my%2Bemail%40my.app">Reset password</a>

However, eM clinet “decodes” the URL and I will actually visit https://my.app/[email protected].

The problem is that “+” could be also decoded as a space, thus my.app will try to reset password for the email my [email protected] (with space) which will fail.

Isn’t this buggy behavior? Why is the eM client decoding the URL in the first place?

Thanks for your answer and have a nice day!