emClient repeatedly asks for Gmail authentication

Recently my emClient was updated to version 9.0.549 , and at around the same time I started having problem with my gmail account set up in the client.
It seems like every day or so,(haven’t identified any pattern on when), emClient will launch the browser to google to ask for permission to access my gmail account. The authentication works as expected and emClient can access mail in my account, but then maybe a day later it will happen again, and I’ll have to reauthenticate.

Anyone have this problem? Anyone have a way to fix?

That generally means the Google allow access part hasn’t worked initially 100% somewhere initially, or you might have “multiple eM Client app access” in your Google Security online and eM Client is then getting confused as to if it’s authorized or not

So suggest to first go to your Google Security online and remove any instances eM Client app showing from the “Manage third party apps”.


Then remove your Gmail account from eM Client and readd your account via the “automatic email wizard”. Once you allow access in the wizard setup again you should be fine.

Lastly there is also later versions of eM Client V9 Beta 2 available via the version history page which fixes and updates as well so suggest to update as well.

Note Before removing your account or upgrading to a later eM Client version, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”.

(eM Client version history page)