EMClient Pro or not

Well I thought I had the Pro version, but then a glich killed my Win 10 and I had to have the OS refreshed. Is there a way to see If I did get the Pro version at one point?
I want to avoid paying twice.

Your license normally determines if you have the Pro version. Click “Menu / Help / License” and you should see “License type: Pro” when you re-activated your existing license on Windows 10 if you originally purchased a pro license. See screenshot example below.

However if its showing as “License type Free” and you want to dbl-check if you did buy a Pro version, you can email sales@emclient.com who will advise you.

If you cannot find your license since reinstalling Windows, then click this link below and enter your exiting email address and the license will be emailed to you. Lost Activation Key | eM Client