EMclient Pro Multiple Licenses

Before I purchase two licenses with lifetime upgrades, can you confirm that those licenses will allow me to register both mine & my husband’s email addresses? Thank you.

All our licenses are per device.

If you are going to be using eM Client on two devices, you need two licenses.

So, are you saying, if I want to use my email on a desktop, a laptop & a cellphone, I would need three different licenses? Thanks!

That is correct, at least for the desktop and laptop. Just choose 2 devices when you purchase the license, and you will be able to activate it on 2 separate devices.

But you do not need a license to test the beta phone app. A license model for the phone app has not yet been decided, so you should wait on getting one for the phone that until the app is officially released.

So, if I am understanding you correctly, if I purchase a license for my desktop, it would cover both my email address & my husband’s email address on that devise & conversely, if I purchase a 2nd license for my husband’s laptop, it would cover all email addresses linked to that device. Sorry for so many questions, but I want to understand what I am purchasing before I purchase it. Thanks!

Yes, that is correct.

Thank you for clarifying for me. Have a great day!