EmClient, pls. make Web-Addr1/2/3 Clickable in All Contact Views (Likewise, Email Addy's)

It would really be great if All 3 Web-Address fields in CONTACTS be single-clickable to whatever default Browser you’re using!!
Same for Al the Email Addresses too - would be super if you could single-click on them and have it bring up an New Email to them.

Hello, not quite sure what you’re referring to as Web Address field, are you referring to outgoing or incoming emails? Can you please make a screenshot of the feature you’re referring to?


Paul, I’m talking about from Within the CONTACTS app - anyplace where the WebAddr1/2/3 fields are displayed.  When eClient shows those http:// addresses, I’d love to see them clickable. See pics… Thanks for considering.

And, obviously, the Detail CONTACT screen when you “open” the contact - see pic…

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll suggest an improvement to the developers. Making the links clickable in the contacts details is not possible due to the editing area, however I do agree that website listed in the web column while accessing your contacts folder is more than convenient.

Thank you for pointing this out to us.


Thanks for passing it along, Paul.  I do feel likewise for All the Email-Addresses that you keep in Contacts (in the official eMClient Email address Contact Fields) - clickable so it brings up a New Email to them.
Finally, more of a dream, but I’d loved to see All HTTP://xxx occurences in eMClients NOTES field to be clickable.  I really use my Contacts to store alot of super (to me!) info - things I’ve ordered, projects I’m working on etc - they very often contain Web-Addresses (over & beyond the 3 official ones) - when I’m going back in to lookup something, I very often have the urge to “go to” the website - that’s why it’d be great to be able to Click on those Http’s sitting in NOTES.