emClient, Office 365 and sending multiple Mails simultaneously


I have just mentioned a weired behaviour. My setup:
emClient 7
Office 365 Account
not a very fast Internet Line (only 1 MBit Upload)

When I am writing one (!) email with ~ 10 MB Attachments and sent it everything works fine.

If I try to send 5-6 Mails - each with 10 MB Attachments - in a short period (1-2 Minutes) the mails wont be sent, emClient reports an timeout and all mails stay in the outgoing folder.

It seems to me, emClient tries to send all the Mails simultaneously? Is this correct?

Same situation in Outlook 2010 on the same machine, using the same Account is no problem - the mails are being sent one by one.

Has anybody an idea for this problem?
Are there any configuration options to play with?


Hi Sebastian.

You will have to wait for a reply from one of the eM Client employees to find out the technical details of how the emails are queued for sending.

There might be some difference between the way emails are uploaded depending if your account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, but other than that there are no settings that you can change.