emClient not syncing with Google

I have a problem that happens just about every week. If I enter an item into either Calendar or Contacts, sometimes it syncs with Google, but many times it does not. Most of the time, if I shut down emClient and then restart it, it will sync, but sometimes it does not, and I have to remove emClient privileges from Google, and then relink it again. This happens so frequently that I’m wondering if there is a bug somewhere in emClient.

Is anyone else having this problem? It can really mess things up, because if I entered an appointment into emClient on my desktop PC, and it didn’t sync, I can be out somewhere making an appointment on my phone, and the emClient appointment doesn’t show up, and I double book, or miss the appointment entirely.

There is no way to know that it did not sync unless you think to check each entry after you make it, which is really inconvenient.