eMclient not supporting strong security for gmail?

  I have been using emclient for a year now. I have the latest version installed (v6.0.21372.0)

I recently saw this setting in gmail/accounts for apps access security: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255
I chose to disable access to less secure apps. After that, emclient stops working with my gmail account. 
Could the developers look into this? I would like to keep the option disabled as it increases security (atleast according to google). 

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Hi Amol, unfortunately if you’re using eM Client with gmail and want to use your regular web access password you have to keep this option enabled.

In case you don’t want to enable this access option, you can also set a more secure option for use with eM Client. Enable the two step verification option on your google account and generate an app specific password for eM Client. Re-setup your account using the app specific password and you should be able to work with your account using a more secure option.

We’re also currently working on an upcoming release which should include an OAuth authentication method for use with google accounts, allowing you to use the regular web access for signing in, without the need to have the option enabled.

Hope this helps,

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