eMclient not sending email after encryption failure

Hello All,

With all the problems with scams I decided to setup encryption and both forgot my PGP password so encryption failed to work. As soon as this occurred I began experiencing eMclient failing to send email. I of course have system snap shots of this problem.

martes 01 febrero 2022 :: 1001hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Vincent_Davis

I do not use either because of previous problems (that might have been my fault)
I now rely on the encryption I get with VPN.
However, If you wish to continue with your current arrangement I suggest that
you first restore the eMC Backup that I presume you will have, this will take
eMC back to its exact previous state.
You can then start the encryption/PGP setup process again in case you had
missed something the first time.

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If a restore of eM Client doesn’t work as @skybat advised above, it appears you need to create new encryption keys as they are normally “not recoverable” as per post below from the following thread.


Dec '18

It is not possible. All you can do is create a new key pair and send out or publish that public key ASAP. It wont decrypt previous messages sent to you, so those will be lost unless you have them resent with the new public key.

If you have published your public key to a key server, you can use the revocation certificate (if the key was generated outside of em client) to remove it from the server