emClient not reliably showing new IMAP emails (GoDaddy servers)

Hi emClient team,

We have been evaluating emClient for use in our office, and after some testing have found that emClient does not receive IMAP(GoDaddy) emails reliably. The symptoms are that, while we sometimes receive new emails, we often (one or several times/day) encounter periods of up to a few hours when emClient shows no new emails, even after one/more successful “send and receive all” syncs, yet if we exit and restart emClient, we suddenly see a number of emails with timestamps going back as much as several hours.  That is, short of repeatedly closing and restarting the app throughout the day, we end up not seeing many new emails. Note also that the problem is sporadic: we “sometimes” get new mails…just not consistently.

In our testing, we have used Thunderbird and Outlook as our controls, and on the same PCs and with the same email accounts/servers, the control apps both show new emails immediately and consistently.  Our two test machines are running Windows 7 Prof, and are using now-current “production” emClient version (6.0.21040.0).

As a prior post from your team (elsewhere) indicates that you’re aware of the problem, that it’s ultimately the fault of GoDaddy making a change to how their email servers behave, and that you’re investigating this issue, we’d appreciate hearing about the status of this investigation as you dig into it. Also, we’d be keen to know of any practical work-arounds or one-time patches we might be able to use in the meantime that might ameliorate this problem.

emClient is a nice product, and if the reliability problem could be fixed, we’d greatly prefer it vs. competing email clients. Realistically, however, since our demo licenses are about to expire, and as we’d like to minimize further time spent on the surprisingly non-trivial project of finding a modern, suitable and reliable email client, we’ll need to make a decision soon. Therefore, we hope your team can find a solution for this problem before too long, so that we and (many) other GoDaddy-based email users can buy and enjoy your product.

Thanks and regards,

Robert Lenk

Hi Robert, I’m sorry for your ongoing issues with the GoDaddy’s server, please note we’re working on resolving or workarounding this issue in future updates. Note that eM Client is entirely for free only for home/personal users and the free support is limited.

If you’d like to get more information about this issue, a valid PRO license will entitle you to a first-hand priority support on our support system.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks Robert for keeping this issue on the forefront.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the reply. Based on your comment above (“If you’d like to get more information about this issue, a valid PRO license will entitle you to a first-hand priority support on our support system.”): although our normal policy is to evaluate software first, and then buy licenses if we find the software suitable, if your firm insists on our paying upfront in order to receive information about this problem, we’ll arrange to buy a pro license to satisfy your request. 

Once we pay your firm the money for a pro license during our evaluation period, what specific way do we request this additional information, please? A ticket number we should reference, private email to your firm, or other?


Robert, I have a valid “PRO” license…and it still has not warranted any specific help with this problem.  It’s been month’s…my tickets are all closed…

Thanks for letting us know, Joe.  Although we’ll go ahead and buy a license just to placate the emClient team, I’m not hugely surprised to learn that this may not help us to learn more or expedite a solution.  In fact, we were a little surprised to have a vendor, upon hearing of problems with core functionality encountered during a product evaluation, tell us in effect, “pay us money, and then we might tell you of a fix.” 

Hi, if you’re currently experiencing issues with GoDaddy’s accounts, please try to navigate to Tools > Accounts > Your GoDaddy Account > SMTP, and change the security policy to “Don’t use secure connection” using port 25.
This should resolve the issue, as it seems the current GoDaddy’s issue is based within a broken SSL protocol on their server, disabling your ability to authenticate using secure connection.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul–Thanks for the suggestion, though just to ensure we’re understanding: to resolve the issue of receiving emails via IMAP, we make the setting (above) to the SMTP settings?

In the meantime, we’ll change our SMTP settings and continue testing to see if emClient can receive IMAP emails more reliably from GoDaddy servers. This testing will take a few days, as the problem comes and goes.

Also, as per your request, we purchased a PRO license, in the hopes this might facilitate a solution to this issue, if the fix above doesn’t happen to resolve the problem.


Got an answer earlier than expected: after trying the fix suggested above, once again found that emClient is not receiving emails reliably (IMAP, from GoDaddy), while Thunderbird was able to without noticeable problems.

So…look forward to your team looking into this further, please.

Thank you,

Hi again,
we’ve been running few tests over the past few days, but unfortunately we are unable to support this issue as it is indeed a server issue.
Unfortunately this is a discontinued product and thus it is hard to support this type of accounts - GoDaddy is currently only offering email accounts powered by office 365 (Exchange accounts). This old type of IMAP based accounts are still working but the support for them from goDaddy’s side is limited and is being lowered dramatically.

We’ve tried to contact GoDaddy’s support with issues that have occurred with this product in the past and with the present issue as well, however their unresponsive support was no help to us finding a common solution for both our and their customers.

I’m really sorry that we can’t be more helpful in this matter but at this point there’s simply nothing we can do about this problem, as it is a server side problem and work-arounding the issue would mean acting against the protocol’s standard and would in most cases proof unhelpful for most users.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue, but my best suggestion at this point would be contacting GoDaddy’s support.

We’re able to provide more information for their support e.g. logging data, that clearly show the IDLE connections made by the application were successful and were completed without any response from the server.

Thank you for understanding,