emClient Not Loading

I’m running the new mac OS big sur v. 11. I downloaded the free version of emClient and it opens only to continually tell me that the program is opening, and then it closes and then the emClient icon just keeps bouncing in the dock and then closing and then reopening and then bouncing.

Is there something I’m missing or does emClient not work with Big Sur yet?

The same happens to me, and what’s more, the final release will be here soon and I’m afraid there will be no working em client.

Hi everyone,
the next update of eM Client for MacOS will work with the Big Sur BETA.

Thanks Olivia, I have em Client running now on Big Sur BETA and it works.

During the beta testing of eM Client 7 for Mac I sent you the request below. Now we have eM Client 8 and it is still not possible to use the best feature apple offers - quick look. Please have a look at this and implement asap. (see also Ticket: #111642)

“Handling of attachments
Until now attachments can only be opened with preview which is rather inconvenient.
Far more easier and quicker would be the use of the „quick look function“ by pressing the space bar.”