emClient keeps crashing

I am on the trial of emClient, and running it on two different Windows 10 machines - fully updated. I am seeing similar problems on both machines. Specifically:

  1. I leave the program running for a period of time, and when I come back it has closed. When I re-open it it goes through a lengthy database check.

  2. I have also closed the program myself, and when I re-open it it still goes through a lengthy database check saying it was not closed correctly.

The fact that this happens on two different machines makes me very concerned about whether I should pursue purchasing a license. If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Can you start Windows in Safe Mode, completely disable any anti-virus application then open eM Client and leave it running for a period of time. See if you experience the same issue.

If you don’t, then it means there is something that loads with Windows that is affecting the application.

That will happen if the application has been shut down incorrectly. Something like an anti-virus application blocking the database directory or forcing the application to close.

Did you change the location of the database from it’s default?

@cpromptcomputers Are you saying that EM Client automatically closes on both computers by itself ? If so, when you come back to the computers, do you get an EM Client “error message” or nothing ?

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the safe mode tonight and see what happens.
I have not changed the database location.

Yes, it closes by itself. When I come back I only get a window that says emclient did not shut down properly, and it is going to scan the database to be sure there are no corruptions.

@cpromptcomputers Do you have your computers set to eg: automatically shutdown and go to sleep with power management enabled after a specific time ? As if eM Client is open and then the PC shuts down and goes to sleep (by itself) , you could get 'EM Client scanning the database on startup".

Also when you close EM Client manually either via the X at the top right or Menu / Exit top left, wait aprox 2-3sec before shutting down Windows (so the mail database closes 100% in the background) or you could also get error checking on startup when Windows reboots.

@cyberzork No, they do not shutdown or go to sleep mode. Just now (I’m home on my Surface Pro) I opened emClient, did a couple things while it was doing the database check, and then found the program had closed. I reopened, it did the scan again, and this time I clicked on a message and it shut down. After I reopened again, I clicked the message to read it, dragged the emClient window to another screen, and it just shut down in the middle of moving the window.
And now I clicked to archive a message and the program closed.

I think I have to give up on this being a usable program for me. Don’t know what the issue is, but it certainly does not seem reliable to me.

Thanks for trying to suggest some things!

I did not see an answer to @Gary suggestion “completely disable any anti-virus application”. Was that tried?

@cpromptcomputers EM Client doesn’t shut down on a clean install of Windows 10 on any of my Win 10 PC’s, so I suspect two possibilities.

Either something running in the background on startup and possible interfering with Emclient, or the installations of EMC got corrupted in some way when installed (which is unlikely) as both computers are doing this. Sounds more like background program / startup related issue.

So as @Gary says (starting up in Safe Mode) should determine / test that.

@cyberzork @Gary - appreciate the suggestions on safe mode. Last night I discovered I could not start one machine in Safe Mode without the bit locker key - didn’t even know that was on - so I haven’t yet pursued that. However, I DID turn off my AV for a while (Sentinel One), and it may have made a difference - it’s hard to tell for certain because the behavior was erratic - sometimes it would for a while without problem, and other times it would continually give problems.

However - all of this discussion around the database HAS made me wonder if I’m running into issues with 8 email accounts, some with a lot of messages, and that I told emClient to download them all. I’m now thinking the bigger issue is that it is still trying to get everything downloaded, and that may have something to do. So I’m going to see if I can get things downloaded at least on my computer today and then see if I have improvement on functionality.

Thanks again for the suggestions! I’ll update this once I have more information.

So both machines have now completely downloaded all the emails from various accounts, and everything seems to be working flawlessly. It appears the issue may have been just connected to that. Thanks to everyone with suggestions!