emClient inbox reduced to 50 emails from 181 which are present on my server.

Only today, my inbox on emClient reduced from 181 emails to just the latest 50. I can see the older emails on the server using webmail and there are no sync errors showing when I refresh.

As I get new emails now the 50 is increasing but still the 131 older emails are not showing on emClient.

I haven’t got a search string in use and I have rebooted to see if it would clear.

I’m nervous to try an emClient Repair as I don’t want to lose the 131 emails on my server.

Any ideas why this may be?

Hi Kevin,

Please make sure you’re not opening the search/smart folders. If your mail account is set as IMAP you should be able to see exactly the same as on the webmail. Also, if it’s an IMAP account, you can use Repair on folder without hesitation (Right-click on folder > Repair).


Many thanks Russel for your quick reply.

You gave me the confidence to click on Repair and, having done that, the inbox is all good again now :slight_smile:

Thanks for a wonderful email client. Having used Outlook and then Thunderbird for years, emClient is a breath of fresh air and really well thought through.

Kind Regards


I copy mine to my ‘D’ drive, into sub folders i.e. BANK, INSURANCE etc. Then delete them from emClient. 

Hi Kevin,

I’m glad that it helped. I assume there was just a glitch during the sync so the problem shouldn’t re-appear now.