emclient, how do I move my contacts

How to transfer contacts from a local folder to my folder? I want to turn off thelocal folder.

Hello Lukasz,
you should be able to just drag and drop or copy(right click > Copy folder) the contacts from the local folder to one of your accounts.
Or is there a problem when you attempt to do this?

Best regards,

It is only a local folder, and my no.

I’m sorry, I don’t seem to understand what the problem is. You need to have an account set up, which means the account has a Contact folder. Did you manage to move the contact from the local folder?

How do I move a contact, this is just a local folder

Can you take some screenshots or your issue? Where are your current contacts? Where do you want to move them?

now they are in the local folder, and I want to move them to my folder, and disable the local folder.