Emclient Free License - Required Reactivation

My emclient suddenly became offline. I’ve been activated the free license for a last couple of month. Today when I launched the application, it has asked me to reactivate the license and shown that there is somethng wrong with this computer that not allowed (violate) me to activate it. Can anyone advise the resolution on this matter?

A license violation means that you are suspected of using a Free License for commercial or business use. If you are not, then you can write to eM Client explaining your usage, and the license may be reinstated. If you are using it for business use, then you need to purchase a Pro License, or remove the application from your computer.

Hi Gary,
how do you recognize business use?
Are you scanning emails?

This would be a reason for me to forbid Emclient in our company and stop advising it to our customers.
We are PRO users.


No, eM Client do not scan your emails, as that would be a violation of your privacy.

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Thanks for this fast answer.