emClient for Mac (BETA) - Calendar causes app to crash

I have just installed the latest emclient Beta on Mac (Sierra) and the calendar crashes when you create a new event - anybody having the same problem?

Can you send the crash details to support@emclient.com please?

I have installed version 7.2.33988.0 works fine and solved the problem to write from right to left as well
downloaded from http://cz.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi today

Thanks for the reply, however, that version is for Windows not Mac. My issue is on a Mac.

Hope a Mac user has solved this - somewhere in the community.

The Mac version is still in beta so if you have any questions or issues you should send them to testing@emclient.com

Many thanks

No problem Mike. eM Client staff are not regular participants on this forum, so contacting them directly should be more helpful.

Thanks Gary on it - have a good day