eMclient "favorite" not updated when underlying Gmail tag/folder is moved

I had a Gmail tag/folder b - i.e. tag/folder name “b” with no parent

in eMclient I made this folder “b” Into a favorite

in Gmail I move the tag/folder to have a parent “a”, So that the tag/folder path now a/b.

eMclient now shows the new path

however the eMclient favorite now reports an error if I attempt to move to it.

i.e. it was not updated when Gmail was updated

Right-click on the Gmail account’s All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.

@Gary: “Right-click on the Gmail account’s All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.”

Does not work. The favorite still exists, still pointing to a label that no longer exists. moving a message to this favorite event error, although clicking on the favorite as if to display just provides an empty message list.

If you repaired the All Mail folder and it didn’t help, go to Menu > Accounts and remove the Gmail account, then add it back again.

@Gary: “remove the Gmail account, then add it back again”

  1. I knew you were going to say this. It is one of the standard retorts of tech-support.

  2. I have not done so yet because as far as I can tell removing an account and then adding it back again will result in a loss of the considerable work that I have spent in creating favorites and search folders.

Unless you can tell me that there is some way that I can save such work, the configuration of favorites and search folders, and then restore it later when the account is restored.

Now, I half suspect that somebody will tell me to use eMclient backup/restore,

e.g. Menu > BackupMenu > File > Restore or create your accounts anew and import your local data back in (Menu > Tools > Accounts, Menu > File > Import)

but since it is one of the favorites that is broken, I cannot help but wonder if that will not cause further problems. as far as I know there is no way that I can tell it to be selective about what gets restored. Looking at the XML that is produced by Export, I see no mention of favorites or search folders. As far as I can tell the backup format is opaque.

moreover, I do not need to get it automatically updated, since I can manually delete the broken favorite and then re-create it. which is less work than re-creating all of my non-broken favorites and search folders.

I am just reporting a bug. a place where a fairly common operation results in eMclient producing slightly broken data structures.