emClient fails to start this morning

This is the first time this is happening.
Latest version, Win 7 Home Premium x64, I’m not using Avast.
Nothing changed in my security setup.

I start the program, the window is all white and it says Not responding in the title bar.
I’ve waited half and hour and nothing happens.
Just sits there not responding.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, when eM Client will fail to start again use this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… and send me file it creates to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s url.


After a reboot, install of all the patches from Patch Tuesday and another reboot, it started correctly.
However I took the opportunity to export all the emails and switched to Thunderbird.

Hi Francois,

What should change in eM Client for you to come back to eM Client?

Hi Hans.
I have nothing against eM Client. (of course I didn’t like what happened and it made me lose confidence in the product)
There’s a few things I don’t know how they’re handled, like folder maintenance.
Are the folder files compressed from time to time?
Didn’t see anything about that.
I just feel more at home with TB, which I have been using since years now.

I have also used Thunderbird for many years. I’m glad I switched to eM Client.

eM Client stores all data in a database. That database takes care of reclaiming unused space (like when you delete e-mails).

On the other hand, if you delete an e-mail in Thunderbird, the e-mail is still part of one of your files with e-mails. Only if you do a ‘compress’ of the folder in Thunderbird which contains that deleted e-mail, will the space occupied by the e-mail really be released.

Take for example a look at the size of the ‘inbox’ and ‘sent’ files of Thunderbird in Windows Explorer. See how big they (probably) are. Now compress those directories in Thunderbird, and have a look at the file sizes again.

If you normally delete a lot of your e-mail from the ‘inbox’ and ‘sent’ folders, those files can become much smaller after compressing! (e.g. 500 MB smaller).

Yes, I know that, thanks.
I use the Xpunge extension in TB to compress the folders from time to time.