emClient downloads my whole archive but not my inbox

EmClient is busy downloading my entire mail archive which is well over 20GB. There is no way to tell it to check my inbox so my mail never arrives unless I restart the program.

There is an operations view, but there is no way to cancel pending tasks.

This program suffers from the same shortcomings as Thunderbird. The software may work well for someone with a simple inbox, but if you have an IMAP archive, it becomes useless.

Cannot even imagine what a nightmare this software must be if you are on a slow metered connection.

What the world needs is an email client that allows you to specify what and when to download. If I click on Inbox, that needs priority. And if I want headers only or bodies, I should be able to select that.

Why is this simple requirement so incredibly difficult to understand for email client software designers to the point that all their software is useless?

Have you unchecked the option “Accounts”, [your account], “IMAP”, “Sync options”, “Download messages for offline use and to search in message bodies”?

Thanks, that works.

The problem that remains is that it still won’t update my inbox by clicking refresh or Send and Receive All unless I restart the program.