emclient doesn't want to delete read emails

Brand new to emclient. When I finish reading an email, I  press DELETE and a little pink rectangle appears on the email, but the email stays in the Inbox. It doesn’t move to the Trash.

Emptying the trash seems to have worked a time or two, but now that doesn’t work. The email just sits there in the Inbox with the pink rectangle.

How do I delete these stinkers?


Update: I think I may have resolved my own problem. I wasn’t waiting long enough for the email to be determined to be ‘read’. Today, I waited the 3 or 4 seconds needed - then when I hit Delete … it was Deleted!  I was dealing with junk email. So - problem is solved!

Hello Bob,

I am happy that you managed to solve the issue. If you wish, you can change the interval of “marking the messages as read” in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.


Thank you Russel. I found and made the change to timing.

Also, I discovered another reason why the deleted emails don’t disappear. Somehow, some of the emails have a MARK that has a checkbox next to Inbox. If that’s checked, I can’t delete. Yes, I just uncheck it and zoop - gone. But I do wonder why some emails have this checkbox and some don’t. A mystery. :slight_smile: