eMclient doesnt show "forwarded" nor "replied" indicator in inbox

My eMclient (licensed) v. 7 doesn’t show whether e-mail was replied or forwarded to someone. There is a columni with “envelope” icon where it should show this status but no matter if i forward or reply - the spot in email row in envelope column is always blank.

Unfortunately that is a limitation of the conversation mode. Because the message list is listing conversations and not individual emails, it is not possible to provide those icons.

If you change the conversation mode to message details only, or turn it off, the icons can be displayed.

You can change that in Menu > View > Conversations.

Of course the message displayed in the message pane or message window does contain the replied or forwarded details.

It should be possible to show replied & forwarded icons on message bar, eg. left from attachment icon/reply/message menu or date/time:
Please add this as feature request.

So you don’t want the information where it already is, you want to move it to the right?

Because the icon on the right is clickable to reply to the message, don’t you think having information icons there as well would confuse the issue?

Not quite, i meant on conversation list view like this:

When message is open/expanded in view, it could also be displayed in current place - marked by green arrow in Your example.

OK, I see what you mean. You are referring to the collapsed emails in the message pane that are above or below the message body.

Interesting idea.