Emclient doesn ́t close well when I shutdown windows

I have windows 8.1 and emclient 6.0.20648. When I update emclient to this version, the problems appears.

Hi Carlos, does this occur every time you shutdown the computer. This not really an issue, as the database check is ran when eM client is shutdown incorrectly, this may be due to shutting down the computer without closing the application first.


Hi Paul,

This happens to me, too. Yes, it’s every time windows shuts down. I find this to be very annoying. Every other “civilized” application receives the signal from the OS to “close” at shutdown, and it does (in a civilized manner). That’s how an application of eM Client’s caliber is expected to behave like. I have mine set to “close to tray” and “minimize to tray”. So, I don’t always remember that I have to manually look for the icon in the tray, right click and “exit” every time I restart my computer. Or when Windows 10 decides is time for a restart due to some updates (another pet peeve).
Fixing this it would be greatly appreciated by all users, I’m sure.
Thank you!

Best regards,