emclient does not honor "reply to" address

Emclient does not honor “reply to” addresses. When I receive an email with a ‘reply to’ address different from the ‘to’ address and hit reply, the address that the reply message picks is not to the ‘reply to’ address.

You mean the reply-to address is different to the from address?

I tried to reproduce that, but am not seeing it T.

Is this happening with all messages with a different reply-to address, or just some? What version of eM Client are you using?

I’m using version 7.2.36… I think it’s because I’m bcc’d on the email so when I hit reply, it wants to send the email back to the ‘To’ person in the original email rather than sending it to the reply-to address.

I tried that, but it is still respecting the reply-to address. 

Is that 7.2.36694 or 7.2.36465? If you are on 7.2.36465 please update to the next version available in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

It’s version 7.2.36465. When I try to update from the Help menu, check for updates it says there are no updates available. I have no desire to uninstall and reinstall emclient and have to redo all my configurations.

You won’t need to uninstall or redo anything. Just download the latest version of eM Client from the Release History then with eM Client closed install the file. When you restart eM Client it will be the latest version with all your data and settings.

Ok, I updated it, but it’s still not honoring the reply-to address?

OK, so now we are on the same page.  Can you send me one of these messages?

Right-click on the message and choose Forward > Forward as attachment, then send it to me

Do you mean that when you reply to this message, the from address in the reply is not the address it was sent to?

No, I mean the To address in the reply message isn’t to the reply-to address

I was just checking because the sample you sent me the from address will be the same in the receive and sent message.

Everything I tried with the sample you sent me, eM Client used the reply-to address. Sorry I was not able to reproduce this T.

Best option if you have a Pro License is to open a support ticket with eM Client.