emClient deletes all my e-mails when I update it from 6.0.24928.0 version

I tried to update emClient from  6.0.24928.0 version to latest version, but it simply deleted all my e-mails (inbox, sent etc.). I had to do the downgrade back to the previous version (using Windows’ system restoration tool) in order to restore my e-mails. My OS is Windows 7 professional and I use Yahoo mail. Can someone help me? 

Thanks in advance.

The upgrade to V 7 has a step to migrate data from V6 to V7  you must have missed that
The best way to migrate to V7 from V6
1 Get the software that you are using from web site http://www.emclient.com/release-history
2 Using EmClient backup backup your emclient and find the backup file
3 Make sure you can see the folder C:\User\Your_Id\AppData\Emclient
   If you cannot go to  Control Panel- Folders -View and click Show hidden folders drives and files
   Make sure you have saved backup file old software and folder to another location on your disk.
   Also save your Theme if you created your own,  aslo your license.
4  Now you can update to V 7  and your have a way to backout
5  Make sure you get the prompt to convert V6 to V7 data in the upgrade

Backout you hate it or something when wrong

1  Un install V7 emclient
2  Totally erase folder c:\User\Your-Id\AppData\roaming\emclient
3  Install your older V6 software
4  Using Emclient facility restore backup file
5  Reset your theme as it will be set to default, license
At this point you should be back to V6  you should not have to use the folder copy but you have it just in case.  The restore process restores everything except theme and maybe license

Hope this helps

As a fail safe run a windows image before you start or a full image backup with specific software
The most important step is the EmClient backup as it does a lot and restores everything except theme.  Tools-Settings-General-backup


Thanks a lot, Richard. I didn’t know that I had to do that. For the previous updates it wasn’t necessary. Very complicated. But I will try it. Thanks again!