emClient crashes when I try to print

Hi, when I try to print an email, the window with different printers shows up, but as soon as I click “ok” emclient crashes and restarts with a database check. Operating system is Win 8 64bit, the problem exists since the last update, but even complete uninstall with removing all the folders and installing the older version didnt help…
Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi, could you try to rename your database (with eM Client shut down) to “eM Client backup” for example and then start it again, create your account and print again?


Hi Jan, thanks a lot for your response.
It’s the same thing. I deleted everything, also the Database in Appdata/Roaming and did a clean reinstall…

Then when eM Client crash again use this tool and send me file it creates to galis@emclient.com with url to this topic in email subject.


Thanks for your help; I could solve the problem by updating to Windows 8.1. Everything works fine again now, thanks!

ok, thank you for your information about your issue.


I have the same problem, and I have Windows 8.1:  eM Client locks up whenever I try to print a message, and then I can only close it with Ctr-Alt-Del.  It goes through the database check when re-starting.  I have the SoftMaker edition - version 6.0.20648.0

I have same problem, crashes when I try to print. New install, very disappointing. Looks good but not to use with no printing.

Hi Thomas,
could you please share more information about your situation? What version of Windows do you use? Does this happen when you try to print from a certain account or all of them? Could you copy the content of the error message you get when the program crashes?