Emclient could be the ultimate

…if they had a facility to link every task and note and calendar event to a contact.

This would make this the ultimate best crm. As it stands it’s just ok and it’s best feature is the mass mailer.


+1,000 Absolutely agree with this! Turn EM Client into a mini-crm by simply allowing us to link any object to another (ex: contact to task, event, and/or note). Would be extremely useful if instead of using “notes” field in contact to allow us to create many “notes” that get timestamped… I suppose since you already have a notes feature simply let us create new notes from inside contacts and automatically link the note to that contact!

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Just wondering what is preventing you from using a true CRM app (or a mini CRM) and link it to eCM as, of course, your email/contacts gateway?

I think, with all due respect, that eMC is the ultimate in its class (or at least among the best). It was not designed to be a CRM in the first place, and not even a mini CRM.
IMHO, developers should leave eCM as it is (and continue improving it) and why not create a mini CRM app from scratch.


Em already has all the features of a Crm tasks, contacts, events and notes. It makes no sense that these pieces aren’t linked together. I mean why have all the pieces if you can’t make a task and know what client it is for.

Or make notes and be able to attach them to clients.

Sure I could use another Crm but the only piece I could use in em would be the email part. Most Crm’s have events and tasks and contacts.

To me it seems like em is a Crm wannabe but for some reason just won’t take the leap.

I think their sales would go thru the roof especially on Mac.

Doesn’t seem like much more development is being done on a regular basis so why not do this?


No it’s not. EM Client is essentially a messaging client, not a CRM.

Totally disagree.

Look at the changes from 7 to 8, or even from 8.0 to 8.1.

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All I am saying is the features are there: tasks, contacts, events and notes.

Why not connect them together? Allow a task and a note to be assigned to a contact. Get a history. Show a contact and display all the tasks events and notes connected to this contact. Why not? All the functionality is in place.

If em is a messaging client why even have tasks and notes and events. Why not just leave a messaging client and offer only email?

Look at something like Essential PIM. It has all the features of EM but went a step further and connected the features together. (if it ran on MAC it would be wonderful)

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I understand what you’re saying. I simply think that we all have different needs when it comes to a CRM. Personally, I need more than tasks, contacts, events and notes in a CRM. I need project management in order to manage and control every type of project with subproject levels, and to track my budget including time, external costs, freelancer and cost analysis for each project.

Even more, I need to plan everyone’s day in my company so every user knows what they have to do. They fulfil their tasks and record their times. Billable fees and costs are then automatically compiled. Nothing is forgotten, so projects move forward and I have full control over my staff’s productivity.

My CRM/Project Management tool goes even further. It makes quotations and invoices. Accepted quotes become active budgeted projects and it only takes seconds to make invoices. Payments are deposited and I have real–time tracking of my company’s profitability.

I’m not daydreaming, I’m describing my actual mini CRM (Casserole Nova). We’re way far from what eMC as a messaging client is offering and from what it was intented to do!

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OK, so what ever anyone would like to call It I am only suggesting connecting the pieces that are already there. Connect the contacts to tasks, events and notes, that’s it.

I am not suggesting to create an entirely new application. Simply to connect the existing pieces. Nothing more. Not even to call it a CRM or mini CRM. I was a programmer for 20 years. This request is not so difficult.

Don’t add any new features, simply connect the tasks, events and notes to a contact.

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I upvote John’s idea. It doesn’t even have to be a major function, it could even be a sidebar that shows notes. I don’t have enough clients/prospects to use a full CRM, I always bounce back to my email client as the best basis (like outlook too). As an active developer of .net apps I see that a simple link association of the global unique identifiers for each element could be stored in an associative table, IE contact {3242323232323sfdfdf} is linked to note {34234234}, event {23232} etc. How it is shown would also be important, but getting the linkages so they could be clicked to/through would be amazing.

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I suggest a mod tag this thread as a Feature request.



Maybe the company will take note of the suggestion.