emClient contacts did not go over to new computer

My computer crashed. Hubby wiped it completely and reinstalled Windows and my apps. However, when he installed emClient, the contacts were all gone. Admittedly, that install is in the demo mode. We have given up on the old computer and bought a new HP. Installed emClient using my free license code and it is working fine. Contacts are still not restored. BUT when I am using the email from my phone those contact emails still come up so they must be stored somewhere. How can I get them back into emclient?

If you have an iPhone and you see your contacts intact, you’re “golden”. That means they’re still in iCloud. Now you just need to sync eMC with the cloud by going through the complex setup of an Apple “application specific password”. Not your normal email p/w, but one Apple gives you. Google “managing/creating application specific passwords”. Your eMC account cardav screen should look similar to the attached. Cardav is for contacts, caldav is for the calendar. Need to repeat the process for calendar but you can use the same password. You can create a new separate account for cardav/caldav with no email enabled, OR add these to the  existing email account (I think, have not done it that way, I have 2 accts; one for email, one for contacts/calendar.)

PS: the screen above is from eMC v6.xxx, so if  you have v7, yours may be different. I am not familiar with v7.