emclient client support in a bank in the west indies

i did not apply for my free licsense before my demo time expired. I have tried to input the activation key ‘Free’ but I am told it is invalid. I go back and work through the process again, and it sends me my activation key that I ‘lost’ and it is again ‘Free’ and when I input it is in invalid. I have not been able to receive or send emails since 05/03. I have emailed emclient, left phone message in California, tried to go through windows7 support and got sent to grut teck. not paying 149.99 becase they could not help. HELP

could you send me an email which you used for registration? I will check it in our licensing system.

I am confused. emclient was the default from windows 7 on this new laptop. I did not register for your service. After approx. 30 days an information box told me my ‘demo’ time was over and I had to apply for a license. I completed the actions and applyed for ‘free’ license. The activation ‘key’ was to be sent to my email. Problem was at that point I was no longer able to send or recieve my emails through emclient. I then went to my provider, windstream, and found my emails sitting there and no longer being able to move on over to my default, emclient. I found the email with my activation key ’ free’. I then tried to activate. I was told the key was no longer valid to contact you. I went through the process of reapplying for a license. I was told I already had a license and an email with my activation key would be sent. Got the email on windstream, and want to know what it was…[free], tried it agains and it still and was and is not valid. Now over two weeks later and too many hours spent I still have to go to windstream and get my emails. Which is were I am right now. This is OK with me, but not real happy with my struggles with emclient. And before you ask I got a phone number in Calf. and left message. Sent an email to you last week, through my email at work, asking to have the response sent to me at than email address. Still waiting on that.

see my comment on post

what email address did you use for registration? I will check it in our licensing system.