Emclient checks database at launch (didn't close correctly)

Very strangely sometimes my emclient starts by checking the database when I launch it, saying that it wasn’t closed correctly. Sometimes but not always. It’s a bit annoying.
I’m running the latest version (7.0.27943.0).
Has somebody encountered the same problem ?

Same problem here. I have EmClient running in the background all the time, but when I reboot og close Windows 10, at next boot EmClient is checking the database. Quite annoying!!

Please, give us some tip to avoid this!

my does the check and then nothing tried and uninstall and reinstall but nothing please help

3 years later, we sill have this awesome feature. thanks EM for developing your client not at all… and all those other useless features. You cannot even create a rule from a label, searching for similar mails is easier on outlook.com then on eM Client, why do you guys even bother. C’mon just do flappy bird relaunch or make “websites”… and let proper developer take care of this “could-be-the-best-mail”-program… embarrassing, really!

I replied in your duplicate post: