emclient changed my pop acount to imap

Somehow, probably following the update during the week starting 20th January 2020 emclient changed my pop account to be imap. This doesn’t work. How do I change it back? Also, it seems to have cancelled all my junk rules

eM Client can’t change a POP3 to IMAP. That is not possible, either for the software to do it automatically, or for you to do it yourself. The only way it could have happened is if you deleted the POP3 account, then setup the account again using the Automatic Setup. Or maybe you added the account a second time. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and see if your account has a POP3 or IMAP tab. See if there are any duplicates.

For the Junk filter Rules, go to Menu > Tools > Rules and make sure that the Blacklist Rule is ticked.

Another option, probably most likely, is that you changed the database location, or deleted the database. If that happened when you next started eM Client it would have asked to setup your email account. That means all the previous data and settings would not be there.

Sorry, but that’s exactly what happened. You hypothesis is contrary to fact. Maybe what you meant is “it’s not supposed to do that”. I can see that I can’t change the account back from IMAP to POP. Nevertheless, it last successfully read email from POP on Tuesday evening, after which it has become IMAP. What seems clear is that this is a bug rather than intended behaviour. Meanwhile I have had to recreate the account with a POP inbound setup. What bothers me is that it may do the same thing again.

How do I report bugs to the development team? Do they read these forums?

No, I said what I meant. If I meant “supposed”, I would have said “supposed”.

So again; it is absolutely impossible to convert from POP3 to IMAP. You cannot do it, and the software certainly cannot do it, not on it’s own and not with user intervention. The only way it can happen (and this is NOT a conversion from one to the other) is to delete the account and then recreate it. The software CANNOT do that on it’s own. That is NOT POSSIBLE.

Please go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and see what tabs are there. Is there an IMAP or a POP3 tab?

It is possible that the POP3 account is there and you mistakenly added it again using the Automatic Setup. Are there more than one instance of the account? 

Going to Menu > Tools > Accounts, I can see the original account is now marked as IMAP, when two days ago it was POP. It still has its inbox, sent items, junk etc, full of stuff that it read, sent, and classified as junk when it last worked. Because I’ve had to recreate the account, there is also a correct instance of it, with the small amount of email that has arrived since the bug struck. Also, the blacklist enable is ticked.

I have been in the software industry a long time, and have learned not to make statements like “the software certainly cannot do it, not on it’s own and not with user intervention”. They tend to be followed by an “Oh my god” moment after which the egg arrives on the face.

Don’t bother to reply unless you have something constructive to add, ie not of the form “you must have done it by mistake”.

The only way to change an account from POP3 to IMAP in eM Client is to setup an IMAP account including providing login credentials, move the data from the POP3 to the IMAP message store, then delete the POP3 account. That is not something that eM Client can do between when you closed it one day and opened it the next. In fact it is not something the application can do on its own at any time. It just doesn’t have the code.

However, if your installation of eM Client has become sentient and did that all on it’s own (especially if it was not running) and it also divined your login credentials including your password, then you are really on to something Jon. :wink:

If you want to submit a bug report, as a Pro Licence user you can open a support ticket directly with eM Client. If you are using a Free License, then as per the agreement you accepted when registering the license, you do not have access to eM Client Support so you can post it here. Don’t forget the steps to reproduce it as anyone who has been in the software industry for a long time knows that it you can’t reproduce it, you can’t fix it.

I seem to have the exact same problem. Started getting a cant access server error and when I checked my account setting my pop3 settings were gone and there were imap settings instead. How is this possible? How do I fix it?

What information were you able to glean from your account on your host?

Who else has/had access to your computer?

My email accounts on the server do not care at all whether they are pop or imap. In other words, the mail server holds the emails, and we access them using either the pop or imap protocols. I have accounts that are accessed as pop on one device and the same account is accessed as IMAP on another device. I cannot guarantee that for all email servers.

So, if you don’t like how it is accessing your emails, just try setting up another account using the alternate protocol.

If your client is trying to use imap, why not just enter the imap settings? Be sure they are right and all should be good. If you want pop, I’d setup another account as pop, but access the same account using the pop settings.

Most likely, the servier changed something to be more secure and didn’t tell you. But EMClient really pushes us to use imap. I just went with it and move my emails to local each week.

No-one has access to it and I was sitting working when the error occured. I can access my emails via the web but em client says it cant access the server.

Tried a few things and magically now its all working again, just been forced over to imap though…

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Hi @CynthiaLewis

Would be great if you would share ‘Tried a few things’ for the benefit of others.
It does sound that you have been pushed to IMAP by your ISP - nice of them to
tell you in advance!
I am sure you are aware that you can still save your emails locally, whether you
do this weekly as @steveshank suggests or some other schedule; personally I do
it as they arrive using rules with IMAP, Exchange & POP.

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POP3 and IMAP are so completely different that you cannot change the account from one type to the other in the email application. You will need to first delete the POP3 account, and then add it again, but set it up as IMAP. IMAP will be used if you setup with the Automatic Setup, or you can also do that manually.

So you, or someone else who has access to your computer and your email account credentials, will have had to have done that manually in Menu > Accounts.

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