emclient calendar sync with iphone 5s

how do I sync emclient calendar with iphone calendar please ?

Hi, if you’re using IMAP or CalDAV calendars, you should be able to setup your account in eM Client as well as in your iPhone and all your contacts and calendars should be synchronized automatically.

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i am using IMAP and my email service is via google apps. Is there anything that I need to setup on Iphone to enable sync. Its not happening currently.

Hi again, if you’re using IMAP in eM Client this might help you to properly setup your iPhone to enable the automatic synchronization https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/138740?hl=en

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Hi Kum Kupp,

You will need to enable ‘iCloud’ on your iPhone (in ‘settings’) and add an iCloud account in eM Client.

I dont get it. What I understand from you post is that;

  • eM Client is configured with gmail
  • Your calendar is also with gmail
  • Your iPhone 5s is configured with gmail on built in email client
  • Calendar option is checked in email settings of iphone 5S
    If so, then your iphone should sync with google calendar. eM Client does not have a separate Calendar of its own.

Please check on your iphone if Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar> has gmail configured. If not just configure gmail and ensure ‘Calendar’ is checked. It works perfect with me.