emClient Beta Version Expired

I’m receiving a message that the beta version of emClient has expired so I can now only work offline. I tried to downgrade to a version of 9.x but it says I’m at the current release, and the installation cancels. How do I get emClient working again?

You can install a newer V10 beta from the Release History page if you want to continue testing until the official version is released which is what id recommend.

Note: from what I’ve read on the forum, the official V10 release is also not far away.

Alt if you have been making regular automatic or manual backups of eM Client prior to installing V10, you could uninstall eM Client and delete the database and then reinstall the latest V9.2.x from the release history page. Then skip the initial setup and restore your V9.2.x backup via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Or if you haven’t been backing up eM Client prior to upgrading to V10 and want to go back to V9.2.x and you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud (Non Pop) account, you could just uninstall and delete the database and then reinstall V9.2.x via the release history page and setup as new.