emClient auto delete and archive?

can eMClient auto delete messages older than some date? Does archiving a message actually reduce used space on the disk?

EM can only delete what offer by it ‘mail rule’ with some bad limitation. So it not ideal.

Archiving message create a compressed back-up of the database - your current database is not touched and thus won’t be affected.

So in short, that a ‘no’ for both of your question.

Just an addition: Archiving feature does not create a compressed backup of the database. It simply moves messages from your server to Local archive folder which is stored in your current database.

Compressed backup of database creates Backup function.

Thanks. I need to reduce the size of the database file (currently over 50 GB), my laptop hard drive can’t accommodate this any more. Can I move it to SD card? How can I do this?

you can backup your database by file - backup and move it to SD card then delete your current database, then cancel mark off of download for offline use and it should not use this much space.