EmClient 9.1 crashes at start

After 9.1 update my eM Client crashed before start, then trying to repair database and failed too.
Good that I always made full copy before update.

I don’t suppose you kept the database error?

Why not? :slight_smile:

MailClient.Storage.Data.DatabaseCorruptedException (0x80004005): SQLite Error 19: 'constraint failed'.
Line: 24
INSERT INTO "IndexedAttachmentIndex" (ROWID, content) SELECT id, content FROM "IndexedAttachmentIndex_bak";
   at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository`1.ImportFromResource(IDbConnection connection, Stream myStream, CancellationToken token)
   at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository`1.CheckSchema(String databaseName, String resourceName)
   at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository`1..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String location, String indexTable, SingleFileDatabaseContext singleFileDatabaseContext, String[] readWriteDatabaseNames, String[] readOnlyDatabaseNames)
   at MailClient.Storage.IndexedAttachment.Data.DbIndexedAttachmentRepository..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String dbLocation, SingleFileDatabaseContext singleFileDatabaseContext)
   at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories.Open(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType, String singleFileDatabaseName)
   at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType, String accountName, String protocolName)
   at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.CheckConsistencyForAccount(String accountDirectory, RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token)
   at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<Check>b__0(String p)
   at MailClient.DbRepair.PerAccountExecutor.Execute(String dataStoreLocation, Func`2 action)
   at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.Check(RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token)
   at MailClient.DbRepair.CheckingProcess.Check(CancellationToken token)
AccountType: Mail

But that doesn’t mean something different is wrong, not only problem with repairing. At first run after update there was no repair, but just crash. Repair was after second run - and then both -repair problem and crash.

Thank you. I guess you got a crash report after the upgrade, and you submitted that?

Give me your email. I don’t want to paste everything here. I have cef.log, sqlite.log and more error log after crash.

You didn’t get a crash report that looks like this?

Yes, but I saved it into text file instead of sending it. At least at first time. Second time I sent it too.

Thanks, as long as you sent it we can see what the issue is.

I hope. If not - I have it still as txt file + other logs. All I need is some contact.

Support is not so clear in fact. As paid user I can probably contact using different method, but still - I have no VIP support etc. Very confusing.

same here. updated as supposedly the 9.1 update fixed the looong pause (sometimes multiple minutes) in sending an email. now it will not open. crashes immediately - locks my entire system up, and im a bit too busy to tinker and get logs. moving back to thunderbird.

And I’m still waiting for a solution / fix.

Can you give the full error please?

I was using automatic error send and then I reverted to previous version.

If you give the full error, I can tell you what needs to be done. The one you gave above is incomplete as it should contain references to folders, which are not there.

Please download and install the latest version from the Release History, and if you get the error, copy and paste it here. Not the crash report details but the database repair error details.