emClient 7 RC, Office 365 & Missing folders

I use Office 365 to host mail for my domain and trying to transition from Outlook to emClient 7 RC. Unfortunately I am running into an issue where some of my folders are not showing up in emClient. The 5 missing folders all contain RSS feeds and not email if that matters. I also use emClient RC at work and have the same issue.

Additionally those RSS folders that are showing up do not properly reflect the unread messages. For instance, for one Outlook says I have 3 unread messages for one feed, where emClient says I have none. In another case, emClient says I have 1 unread message for a feed and Outlook says I have 2. IN both cases Outlook is correct.

Thanks for your assistance!

I updated to the latest RC and the both issues still persist.  It would be nice to get some feedback on this issue.

emClient is working great for my gMail hosted account, but not so much for Office 365.